Author Guidelines

  • Abstract should be of 150 to 200 words, along with 4 to 5 key words (compulsory).
  • A bio-graphical sketch (60-80 words) of Author (s), describing current designation and affiliation/s has to be sent. It should also contain the full address, Mobile No. & E-mail Address for the correspondence.
  • Article should be of 04 pages.
  • The font size of the title of the paper should be 12 in normal as well as in capital letter, Authors(s) name(s) should be typed in font size 12 in bold, italic and separated by comma. Author(s) affiliations should be typed in font size 12 with single line spacing and should be centered.
  • Left margin : 1 inch Right Margin : 1 inch Top and Bottom : 1 Inch
  • The entire paper should be typed in Times New Roman 12 font size letters, Paper should be typed in 1.0 inch spacing on one size of A4 size paper only. Use MSWord. doc
  • All tables, charts and graph should be in black and not in colour. Wherever necessary, the source should be indicated at the bottom.
  • References should be completed in all respect and arranged in alphabetical order. (APA STYLE)
  • Photograph should be of only passport size
  • Kindly send Your Article with signature @ and also send hard copy of your article